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My Phone has an important message Alert on the screen. What does it mean ?

Have you recently had your battery replaced on your iPhone? You might find that everything is working just about right.  Except there is an ominous message that will not go away. It is a called an “Important Battery Message”. This notification means that your iPhone cannot confirm whether or not the battery is a genuine Apple battery. The meaning of the message: Keeping iPhone users safe 

 Since 2018, Apple’s products have carried this warning. Apple has clarified that it was included on their products due to safety concerns for their customers. It isn in the Apple user’s best interests to use only genuine Apple products. 

 A third-party battery should not alter the iPhone’s performance. This goes for any Apple device using a battery that isn’t a genuine Apple product. Batteries are the among the most common components that customers are tempted to replace with third-party items. 
While not the common experience, non-genuine Apple parts and batteries have been known to damage iPhones. This is the reason that Apple has incorporated this message on its products.  

 There is one way that even a quality non-genuine Apple battery will alter your iPhone experience. Your handset will not give you details about that battery’s status. You won’t be able to see whether the battery needs to be 

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iPhone Batteries will not last forever 

 Over time, even products of such high quality as Apple batteries will need to be replaced. They will no longer offer the same performance as they did when they were new. In these circumstances users might struggle with unexpected battery drain scenarios. Random rebooting could also occur. Batteries that are worn-out could also cause handsets to overheat. 

 Using Genuine iPhone Parts Gives the Best Peace of Mind
The best way to know that your iPhone will give you optimum performance is to use genuine iPhone parts. This way you can be assured that you have not put any component into your handset that will undermine its quality. 
There are inauthentic versions of Apple parts that could cause damage to your iPhone. This is also applicable to any Apple product. This damage can, in very rare instances, pose a danger to the user of such a device. 
For this reason, Apple itself will not consider servicing such devices. If it can be determined that an Apple product has third-party parts, components or other hardware, Apple will not repair or otherwise service said devices. This is all for the safety of the millions of Apple users throughout the world.
In rare instances, the alert will be flashing even though all the components are genuine Apple Parts
If this is the case, try restarting your device. If the problem persists, check to see if there is an iOS update. Sometimes the bug causing the display can be rectified with an update. If, despite having authentic hardware and up-to-date software, the message persists, it is time to contact an expert to assist you.
We use genuine iPhone and Apple device parts

Millet Technology has a long track record of excellent customer service. We are experts in all things Apple. We repair all makes and models of iPhone using only genuine parts. Our guaranteed work means you can use your device confidently. You don’t need to settle for less than optimum performance from your handset. 
We also service all other Apple products and gadgets. We are passionate about seeing hardware repairs effected quickly and properly. We also offer software update support and are experts in water damage repairs. 
Should you need any help with the Important Message Alert on your iPhone, call us straight away. We are happy to assist and always welcome the opportunity to service our customers. 

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